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We are able to increase your sales using unique machine learning-based technologies. And you pay us only for the effects in revenue shared pricing model.

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About Euvic 360 e-com

Euvic 360 E-com is a set of unique marketing technologies that, when combined, are supplementary and generate a continuous influx of new customers.

How it works?

  • Advanced technology
  • Mathematical algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Feedback loop
  • Data
  • Omnichannel
  • Performance-based pay



We generate website traffic using a Conversion Booster, which optimises ad buying for conversion. Its unique algorithm is capable of delivering results that are 30% higher than in regular campaigns.

When deployed in a campaign, the Conversion Booster optimises buying by searching for people similar to your customers and by buying the most active users. Aside from immediate effects, it is capable of collecting data for retargeting.


Traffic from the Conversion Booster is retargeted in an omnichannel model – display, email, mobile or content marketing. This is an opportunity to reach the customer again and build contact with product using any scenario. We can use user interests, website visits or consumed content and its context. This model is exceptionally effective and creates endless possibilities for increasing conversion.


Based on users visiting your website we build their digital twins – look-alikes – which we then use in the Conversion Booster. This closes the entire Euvic 360 E-Com sales cycle. The whole process starts over.



360e-com wspiera sprzedaż marki ORSAY na niemieckim rynku.

360e-com – nowa spółka na rynku e-commerce, oferująca kompleksową usługę w zakresie retargetingu – omnichannel retargeting, wspiera markę ORSAY w działaniach remarketingu. Po sukcesie działań na rynku polskim ORSAY zdecydował się na działania na innych rynkach europejskich. Niemieccy konsumenci okazali się najbardziej podatni na działania 360e-com.

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360e-com – nowa spółka na Polskim rynku wspierająca sprzedaż w e-commerce.

Grupa ClickAd, poprzez spółki zależne Clickonometrics i ConversionLabs oraz Arteria S.A., przez Mazowiecki Inkubator technologiczny, utworzyły nowy podmiot na rynku dostawców technologii e-commerce – 360e-com. Spółka powstała w lutym br. Oferuje klientom jedyną w swoim rodzaju, kompleksową usługę w zakresie retargetingu – omnichannel retargeting.

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